When doing nothing is productive


Sometimes when life hits – life hits us hard.

Maybe you are struggling financially to make ends meet. Maybe there is a relationship that you feel in your heart is best to create some distance because it is taking a toll on your emotions. Maybe you lost someone near and dear to you.

Many times Satan has a pretty good way of taking us off the good path when times get tough. We get lost in our problems – going to our friends, family, google webMD (yes – I’m guilty of self-diagnosing!) for all the answers. Or maybe we just rely on ourselves for the answers. Either way we get lost in the process. We keep searching, going, going, and going until we find the answers which tears us down spiritually and emotionally.

I was told not too long ago, “I can’t keep still. I have to keep going or else I feel like I am wasting time if I just keep still.”

Actually the very opposite is true.

You are wasting valuable time if you keep going, and going, and going.

I like to think of people as cars.

A car can drive for 300+ miles but eventually it needs to pull up to a gas station. Even at a stop this car is being productive because it is preparing itself to go 300+ miles more. How else is this car going to keep moving?

Sure the car can probably go another 30 miles with the meter on the red “E” but eventually the only place this car is going to stop without gasoline is on the side of the road with the driver desperately calling anyone for help.

You are no different than the car. We must take a break, relax, enjoy this present moment. Allow God to enter into this moment and fill you with the power and strength only He can provide you with. Relying on Him is only possible when we press “pause” in our busy schedules, set aside things that can wait tomorrow, and allow him to refuel the tank.

“…if you ask the Father for anything in my name, He will give it to you. Until now, you have not requested anything in my name. Ask and you shall receive, so that your joy may be full.” – John 16:24

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