Getting messy for Christ


We all have our comfort zone.

For some the comfort zone is a group of people – maybe your church family, grade school friends, or your coworkers.

For others it may be a place – your office, your living room, the kitchen, the basketball court.

This comfort zone is where we are most at ease and people are more likely to see the “real” us in these moments.

But what about the times that we are not in our comfort zones?

It is so normal for me to freak out when I notice I’m not in my comfort zone. All these racing thoughts start going through my head about how I’m going to get out a dodge.

Social event I have to go to? Sometimes I will try to make up any excuse in the book to make my saying “no” sound a little less like I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone and more like I just live a VERY busy life.

We are all guilty of making up excuses to not get out of our comfort zones and most of the time I have found it is due to fear.

As for fear there is a false belief in our society that in order to live a successful life one has to be in an unending state of bliss.

God hasn’t called us to live in bliss and comfort although He does provide these blessings to the faithful.

No – God has called us to get out of our comfort zone and to enter into the messy world around us. It’s ok to be nervous. Moses was nervous when God called Him to lead His people out of the land of Egypt.

God is your comfort and your strength. He wants to hear your voice calling to Him asking Him to guide you out of your comfort zone. He wants to work through you to be a light in a dirty, messy world.

But that requires releasing fear into His hands.

God bless.

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