About me

27174071_10215123644988302_7668446549979500601_o (1)My name is Alex and I’m a Christian Minimalist.

Practicing minimalism as a Christian is not only biblical but vitally important to developing a closer and more meaningful relationship with Christ. It helps to keep our focus on what is truly important and anchors us in the present moment freeing us of unnecessary distractions.

Oftentimes when people discover that I am a minimalist they think that means I deprive myself of “stuff.” This is only partly true. Minimalism, to me, is depriving  myself of what holds little-no value in my life. When you think about it in those terms it’s not really “depriving” at all. Why would you want to waste time with trivial things when God is standing at the door gesturing to us to live and experience life by following Him whole-heartedly?

Whole-hearted living in Christ takes a change in perspective from “happiness come from things (the world; social media; what I own; you name it and _________ fill in the blank) to “happiness is anchored in the hope I have in Christ.”

That perspective can only be had if we make the TIME to dedicate our mind, body, and soul to Christ. Minimalism helps to make that time a reality.